Marian Osher


I saw double until I had an eye operation at the age of four. With “new eyes” I delighted in a world of vision where I could see the single shapes of all things. And then I began to draw. That was probably the beginning of my art bio. Processing and transforming what I see, and sharing what it means to me through my art helps define who I am.

Today, whether figurative or more abstract, I enjoy experimenting with printmaking, mixed- media and painting, using water-soluble environmentally friendly media. I listen to music to enhance the process of letting go that leads me to intuitive color choices.

I usually work thematically on a body of artwork that provides new insights and opportunities for personal growth. As I continue to evolve as a person, my art is like a river running through my life, taking new directions, influenced and inspired by my life’s experiences.

Recovery from an episode of the dreaded artist's block, less than ten months prior to my solo show ART*SPARKS, pushed me past the flat plane of the paper leading to the creation of over 50 multi-level monotype prints on painted canvas and 6 relief prints on sculpted canvas.

Creating the paintings and wall hangings for “Fearless Flying” helped me to overcome my fear of flying after my inflight experience on 9/11.

Multiple volunteer experiences in the Buffalo Field Campaign not only inspired artwork about the Yellowstone Buffalo, but also provided inspiration for several solo shows to highlight environmental issues. I was also able to combine my fascination with the urban world of New York City and my experiences as an eco artist in mixed media paintings for “Seen Unseen” in 2010. Other solo shows focused on kaleidoscopic images and music, and mandalas about the universal connections of diverse cultures.

I feel that art has helped me to become a more spiritual person, enabling me to feel the connection that we have with each other and with all of nature. I am also grateful that art strengthens my appreciation for the infinite variety of colors and textures in our world. Making art enriches my life by pushing me to experiment, to take risks, and to have fun.

Marian Osher, a printmaker and painter, born in Philadelphia, has lived most of her life in Maryland.  She received her BA (University of Maryland) and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Printmaking (George Washington University). She has had 26 solo shows. Her artwork has been shown in numerous group exhibitions in the U.S., and in international shows in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Belgium, Germany, Italy, India, Russia, and China. Osher was interviewed for an Artist Spotlight article by the NY Examiner in 2016. She is included in the Green Art Guide and the Women Environmental Artist’s Directory. The Environmental Defense Fund chose Osher’s artwork for the cover of their Pocket Seafood Selector (2007), which helps consumers to make environmentally sound seafood choices. Her work is included in the permanent collections of the Library of Congress, National Museum of Women in the Arts, and the Museum of Modern Art (Buenos Aires, Argentina), among others. Osher is a resident artist at Artists and Makers Studios in Rockville, MD where she paints in her studio/gallery. She enjoys being part of an art community. Osher also offers private art instruction in her home studio in Rockville. She is represented by Gallery 50 Contemporary Art and Frame in Rehoboth, DE.