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Solo Exhibitions
2018 Love the Brave World, The Merge Gallery at Artists and Makers 2 (Rockville, MD)
2017 'Time Out' ... for the beach, Gallery 50 Art and Frame Shop (Rehoboth, DE)
2017 WILD about Spring, Washington Printmakers Gallery (Wash., DC)
2016 Fearless Flying in 2016! George Washington University (Ashburn, VA)
2016 New York Revealed, Stirring the Melting Pot, Ceres Gallery (NYC)
2015 L.E.S. Echoes, ARTIFACT (NYC)
2014 Jambo, Tanzania, Washington Printmakers Gallery (Silver Spring, MD)
2013 Celebration!, Ceres Gallery (NYC)
2012 ART*SPARKS, Washington Printmakers Gallery (Silver Spring, MD)
2011 ART MATTERS, UUCR, (Rockville, MD)
2010 Fearless Flying!, Henry L Stimson Center (Wash., DC)
         • Fearless Flying!, Ceres Gallery (NYC) • 
SEEN UNSEEN, New Art Center (NYC)
2009 eyetinerary, Washington Printmakers Gallery (DC)
2008 Dream Quest, Ceres Gallery (NYC)
2007 Earth Matters, Washington Printmakers Gallery (DC)
2004 Vibes, Washington Printmakers Gallery (DC)
2003 Enlightened Pathways, Mary Cosby Gallery, Potter's House (DC)
2002 Reconnections, Unitarian Universalist Church of Rockville (Rockville, MD)

2001 Stimson Int'l Center (Wash., DC)
Connections. Washington Printmakers Gallery (DC)

1997 Out of Bounds, Washington Printmakers Gallery (DC)
1994 Inter-Play, Washington Printmakers Gallery (DC)
1993 Viewpoints, Newman Gallery (DC)
1990 Natural Rhythms, Washington Printmakers Gallery (DC)
1988 Relativity, Washington Printmakers Gallery (DC)

Selected Group Shows

2012 Inside/Outside, Ceres (NYC) • Pushing Progress, National Airport (DC)
         • Blossom, Old Print Gallery (DC) • Philip Morton Gallery, Rehoboth, DE • A.I.R. (NYC)
2011 Women's Nature, Ceres (NYC) • A.I.R. (NYC) • Printmaking Flight 101, National Airport (DC)
2010 Old Print Gallery (DC)
2009 Towing the Line, at Ceres (NYC)
2008 New Art Center (NYC) • Ceres (NYC) • A.I.R. (NYC)
2007 New Art Center (NYC) • Ceres (NYC) • A.I.R. (NYC) • Rhonda Schaller Studio Gallery (NYC)

2006 Ceres (NYC) • New Art Center (NYC) • A.I.R. (NYC) • Krasdale Gallery, (NYC)

         • Saville Gallery, (Cumberland, MD) • Glenview Mansion (Rockville, MD)

2005 Ceres Gallery (NYC) • Kaleidoscope Reflections, Strathmore Hall (Bethesda, MD)
2003 The Brewster Society - International Kaleidoscope Convention (Ashville, NC)
2002 20th Washington International Print Fair (DC) • Globe Theatre Gallery (Berlin, MD)
2001 Meredith College (Raleigh, NC) • 19th Washington International Print Fair (DC)
2000 Turning 2000, DFI International (DC)
1997 Carpi Diem, Creative Partners Gallery (Bethesda, MD)
1995 National Institutes of Health (Bethesda, MD) • Pan American Health Org. (DC)
         • Original Print Calendar (cover artist) juried by National Museum of Women in the Arts
Asman Gallery of NBC Television (DC)

International Shows

2015-18 Metropolis Artists' Book Project - Venice and Palermo, Italy; Berlin, Germany
2013 Saragi Art Space, Victoria, Australia
2012 American Impressions: Contemporary Printmaking (Shanghai, China)
1991 Group Show of Washington Printmakers (Pushkin Museum, Moscow)
1989 U.S. Printmaking Today (Rio Grande, Do Seul, Brazil

1988 DB & C Gallery (Brussels, Belgium) • Museum of Modern Art (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Permanent Public Collections and Published Art
The Library of Congress (DC) • The National Museum of Women in the Arts (DC)
Museum of American History, Smithsonian (DC)
• The Museum of Modern Art (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
• The American Cultural Center (New Delhi, India)

“The Keys of Middle-Earth • ” Discovering Medieval Literature through the Fiction of J.R. R. Tolkien • © 2005 (cover art) • “The Kaleidoscope Collector’s Guide” © 2005 (multiple images included in section of art inspired by kaleidoscopes) • “Love the Brave World” by Ruth Siskind © 2003 (cover and inside art) • “A Flower Unfolds” © 2003 (single image) • Environmental Defense Pocket Seafood Selector Guide (cover art) ©2007 • Spotlight Artist February 23, 2016 - NY Examiner 

Professional Associations and Affiliations

Women’s Environmental Artist’s Directory (WEAD), Green Art Guide
• Maryland State Arts Council Artist’s Registry

Current Gallery Affiliations and Other Representation
• Artists and Makers (Rockville, MD) - Studio 308, (Rockville, MD)
• Gallery 50 Art and Frame (Rehoboth, DE) 

Education:  MFA (Printmaking), GW Univ., BA (Art Education), Univ. of MD