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The mandala, usually a round art form, is often used as a meditation tool. My mandalas borrow freely from the symbologies of many such beliefs and cultures in order to highlight the commonalities between them.

Each monoprint requires hours of time to hand color a mylar plate with Caran d'Ache water-soluble crayons. Arches black paper is dampened and laid on top of the mylar plate. The plate is handprinted, using the pressure of a hand roller, a silk-screen squeegee and a doorknob in a sock. After printing, colors are further enhanced directly on the print. Although the mylar matrix can be used to make additional prints, each print must be individually hand-colored on the plate and after printing, making a variation that uniquely reflects the hand of the artist. The layering of colors allows me to create a glow that enhances the spiritual aspect of the print.